2019 Meetings the 2nd Wednesday Sept-December

September 11


  Soils and Water
    Gwen Quail   

Gwen Quail gave this presentation at the NCNH District Business meeting in 2018 and it was excellent. It is a “show and tell” presentation with bottles of soil and water showing the soils diffusion. What are the main components of soil, how is soil formed, the physical properties of soil, how water moves in soil…these are just some of the areas Gwen will be covering. She will also be addressing health hazards when working in soil. Gwen is with the Butte Rose Society and was President of that society. She is a Consulting Rosarian. Her educational background  includes a B.Sc.Agr. from Sydney University.  

CR credit for this presentation.  

October 9


  Rose Show Challenge Classes

Thomas Bolden


Thomas is one of the top exhibitors at the local society and district level.  His presentation will cover some of the basics of exhibiting as well as information on how to compete in challenge classes.   Thomas also gave this program at last Spring’s District meeting. 

Whether you exhibit or not, everyone will certainly enjoy the slides of roses in their perfect form. For those already exhibiting, you will learn some new tips and techniques.  For non exhibitors, this program might inspire you to take the plunge and exhibit for the first time! 

November 13


Rose Rosette 

Joe Truskot

Rose rosette disease, also known as witches’-broom, is caused by a virus  (Emaravirus sp.) that is spread by a very small, eriophyid mite. The disease is limited to plants in the genus Rosa but R. setigera, R. aricularis, R. arkansana, R. blanda, R. palustris, R. carolina and R. spinosissima are believed to be resistant. Its main host is the multiflora rose. Interest in rose rosette has been generated by the threat to garden roses and its possible use as a biocontrol for multiflora rose. Joe will be presenting this complex disease with a PowerPoint and has stated he will let the photos speak along with the new research instead of strict academics. Joe will have copies of his book Central Coast Rose Manual. 

December 11


Mount Diablo Rose Society

Holiday Party and Officer Installation